We finished setting up the Klaipėda district heating network dispatch centre in the summer of 2022. This was a turnkey project that took us more than six months to complete. We designed all interior, electrical installation, lighting, communications, automation and dispatch centre video display solutions. When it comes to designing the interior and the furniture, it is important to ensure an ergonomic and practical work environment and workstations, because, with changing shifts, work carries on 24/7 in a facility such as this. We were in charge of every aspect of the project, from demolition, construction and wiring, to installing and adjusting the equipment, testing the systems and the startup. A whole separate part of the project was programming the Siemens SCADA system to make its user interface easy to use, as well as programming and visualising the full operational network diagram. Staying clearly focused on the goal, we implemented the full functionality the client sought, in line with the highest standards.